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Understand a protein’s interactions, understand its function(s).
But what if you suspect most of the hits identified in your co-IP are contaminants?
SILAC co-IP is your solution.

In MS analyses of co-IP samples, environmental contaminants and cell proteins that bind the beads usually make up most of the identifications.

It is often difficult to find the right balance between being too stringent (and the possibility to lose true interactors) or not enough (many non-specific interactors).

SILAC IPs can discriminate between true interactors and contaminants. The method is compatible with mild pull-down conditions to maximize sensitivity.

For a two-pronged analysis of the interactome for your protein of interest, consider the complementary BioID proximity-proteomics approach.

  • SILAC media w/o Arginine and Lysine
  • SILAC Arginine and Lysine
  • Dialysed serum
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