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Stable Cell Line Generation


Stable Cell Line Generation

DC Biosciences provides a high quality, fast turnaround and cost-effective stable cell line generation service for research, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. Our service is:

Practical: generating a stable cell line can be a lengthy process, requiring a concerted effort that takes up valuable research time.

Optimised: we determine both the level of antibiotic suitable for clonal selection and the most effective method of transfection at the outset, increasing the chance of success.

Experienced: we have worked with a broad range of different cell types.

We can assist our clients with our Molecular Biology Service to achieve quality cloning and/or subcloning of DNA constructs for generating the stable cell line, and save substantial time for other research efforts.

Why DC Biosciences?

  • Expert guidance through project design and completion
  • Many years of experience with a variety of cell lines
  • Cost-effective and competitive pricing
  • Continual interaction at all stages of the process
stable cell line generation

  • ‍Expansion of host mammalian cells and death curve determination to establish the appropriate concentration of antibiotic required for the selection of transfected cells
  • ‍Evaluation and optimisation of transfection conditions in the proposed target cell line using a range of transfection reagents and ratios of a GFP-expressing plasmid
  • ‍Transfection of cell line with expression vector of choice
  • ‍Selection of an appropriate number of single clones (25-50) for clonal expansion
  • ‍Verification of expression of target by western blot or PCR
  • Stability testing; cells are cultured for 10 passages and tested for stability of gene expression by western blot or PCR
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