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Protein Production

Our Protein Production service covers everything from trial purification of novel or experimental sequences for generation of custom antibodies, lab reagent-scale preps to large scale expression of isotope-labelled proteins for NMR and other structural analyses.  We use either your vectors or those developed by our custom cloning service to perform pilot and scale-up expression.

Purification can be undertaken by a variety of chromatographic chemistries both manually (experimental production) and using automated AKTA FPLC equipment for more routine preps.  Depending on your requirements, protein can be evaluated by SDS-PAGE, MS/MS, assay for endotoxin content and any other pertinent method.



When you get in contact with us, we generate a project file containing details of the work you would like to undertake.  We will ask if there are any pertinent publications or documents detailing protein production as well as performing a rigourous search for any relevant information available for your sequence or related proteins.  In the absence of relevant information, we harness the experience of our scientists to trial methods to express and purify the protein while discussing progress with you until we achieve a successful outcome.

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