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Molecular Biology

Our services cover everything within the compass of Molecular Biology from DNA to Protein. We undertake gene synthesis and cloning, engineering of custom vectors and use of these vectors for protein production. We work as a CRO service for projects on all scales from one-off synthesis / cloning projects to full SynBio programs for stakeholders within Academia and the Biotech Industry.

We specialise in difficult syntheses such as CRISPR-Cas9 constructs, homology arms for AttP / AttB targeting constructs and DNA from species with extreme G/C content, but are quite content to supply you with more conventional sequences. Where necessary, we provide guidance and advice as part of project conception in partnership with you. We will implement your projects in a time-efficient and cost-effective way as if we worked within your laboratory team.



When you get in contact with us, we will discuss the work you would like to undertake. You can give us DNA or protein sequence information in most formats. We will enter into technical dialogue to clarify your requirements and to refine project design until we are fully satisfied that all necessary information is available to provide you with a cost-effective quotation.  Once the project is activated, we aim to keep you abreast of progress until we achieve successful completion. In the event of encountering any technical difficulties, we will discuss these with you to come up with a mutually-acceptable solution.

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  • gene-synthesis

    De novo direct synthesis of your DNA sequence of interest.

  • Sequence modification

    Anything from point mutations of an existing sequence to addition or substitution of an epitope tag.

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