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Custom Projects


When you require specialised, reliable, and high quality solutions count on our experts to help ensure the best workflow options for your research goals.

Our wide range of service capabilities leverages a diverse portfolio of quality and consistency. The employees of DC Biosciences have extensive experience in the fields of Proteomics, Antibody Production and Cell Culture.

That is why scientists with limited resources should consider outsourcing projects to get help and support with any of their biotech-related service needs. DC Biosciences has the expertise to help you successfully complete your projects by designing, performing, and documenting experiments that meet your requirements.

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  • UK-based company: contactable during normal lab hours
  • Project-managed by postdoctoral scientists: from design to delivery
  • Competitively priced and cost-effective: no hidden charges
  • High customer satisfaction rate: rapid turnaround times and reliable service
  • Complete client confidentiality: 100% IP retained by client
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