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DC Biosciences provides pharmaceutical and biotech companies with novel technologies and proteomics services to accelerate the development of safer drugs. We are best placed to apply our knowledge and experience in a wide range of bioscience disciplines including quantitative proteomics, chemical biology, biochemistry, molecular biology, bioinformatics and cell biology to provide solutions in key areas of drug discovery and development

Through the Looking Glass: Peptide identification

In previous instalments, we looked at what happens to the poor peptides we send to their doom down the rabbit hole and into the strange wonderland that is the inside of a mass spectrometer[1]. Now, it’s all fine and good to fragment peptides into tiny little pieces, I for one am all for it. I […]

Follow The White Rabbit – Interpreting Individual Peaks – MS2 spectra

Hi everyone, and welcome to a glorious New Year! 2017 was fun, wasn’t it? I for one so much look forward to 2018 being slightly more normal. Oh what the hell, who am I kidding, I’ll get some popcorn already. Today, we will be talking about MS2 spectra, that is, the spectra resulting from the […]

Down The Rabbit Hole: what does a peptide look like in MS?

Interpreting Individual Peaks – part 1 If you have ever looked at a mass-spectrometer output file, you may have wondered how it is possible to make sense of all of these peaks. I mean, there really is a lot of them! Here, we will talk a bit about the basic rules which govern the behaviour […]