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DC Biosciences provides pharmaceutical and biotech companies with novel technologies and proteomics services to accelerate the development of safer drugs. We are best placed to apply our knowledge and experience in a wide range of bioscience disciplines including quantitative proteomics, chemical biology, biochemistry, molecular biology, bioinformatics and cell biology to provide solutions in key areas of drug discovery and development


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ADAPTED Project Press Release

Alzheimer’s disease (AD) affects over 35 million people world-wide at present, these numbers are expected to grow substantially over the next decades and there are currently no medicines which slow...

Data Acquisition

Data Dependent Acquisition (DDA) is the standard method for running LC-MS/MS experiments. Here, we present a quick overview of the DDA method, as well as of the less common Data Independent methods (DIA)...

Database Searching

Ideally, each MS2 spectrum would contain enough information to go back unambiguously to the sequence of its parent precursor. Since this is actually rarely the case, a strategy called Database Searching is usually used instead...